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'God of War Ragnarök' Fans Spot Badass Throwback To The Original Game

'God of War Ragnarök' Fans Spot Badass Throwback To The Original Game

God of War Ragnarök's Spartan Rage has received a fun update that's certain to delight fans.

The release of God of War Ragnarök is just a few months away and the excitement is certainly building. Santa Monica Studio recently unveiled some of the improvements made to God of War Ragnarök’s gameplay which includes a “whole new suite” of powers for Kratos. We also know that this time round, Kratos will be able to select different shields, each with their own advantages. In a recent clip released by Game Informer though, fans have spotted a fun nod to the series’ original game.

In need of a recap of God of War? Take a look below.

Oftentimes, there’s no greater aid in combat than a good ol’ bit of Spartan Rage. Low on health? Spartan Rage. Overwhelmed by enemies? Spartan Rage. It’s a classic, and in God of War Ragnarök, it looks like the attack is getting a small upgrade. When Spartan Rage is activated, the omega symbol now appears - a symbol frequently featured in previous God of War games.

Fans reacted to the discovery. Sale7_14 wrote, “I think I'm the only one who noticed the logo of the God of War old game when Kratos uses the new rage. Wow,” whilst BT_BlackThunder added, “Wow! The omega symbol appears when you get rage in God of War Ragnarök. What a nice detail.”

Game Informer have been releasing a number of looks at Kratos’ upcoming outing, also touching on the game’s expanded accessibility options. It awaits to be seen if a final launch trailer will be dropped ahead of the game’s release on 9 November.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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