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God Of War Ragnarök is being review bombed by angry gamers

God Of War Ragnarök is being review bombed by angry gamers

God Of War Ragnarök is being review bombed on Metacritic with hundreds of gamers branding the title a boring "slogfest".

There’s no denying that God Of War Ragnarök is going to end up topping plenty of ‘Game of the Year’ lists. In fact, we’re just one day away from finding out if Ragnarök will scoop up the coveted title at this year’s The Game Awards. It has got some stiff competition, namely from Elden Ring, but God Of War Ragnarök does hold the highest number of nominations with 10.

I’m sure most of you have got your hands on the game by now, so you’ll know that it’s incredible. I’m just six trophies away from the platinum trophy - so close. In our review, GAMINGbible’s Ewan called Ragnarök “an instant PlayStation classic,” and I recently wrote about how the side quests are some of the best I’ve ever played. It’s pretty shocking then that the game is being review bombed over on Metacritic.

Take a look at Ragnarök’s opening boss fight. If you thought that Baldur fight was impressive, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there does seem to be far more hate towards God of War Ragnarök on Metacritic than you’d expect given the game’s success. Overall, Ragnarök has a user score of 7.9 but 1,072 of the game’s 5,879 user reviews are classed as negative - and that number is growing by the day in a fresh wave of review bombing.

Those leaving the reviews are calling God of War Ragnarök ‘boring.’ Did they .. play the same game I did? One user wrote, “Nothing happens from the beginning to the end and we take no pleasure in playing. Go try Sonic Frontiers instead,” while another added, “This game is literally a boring slug journey. I honestly can’t believe how much praise it gets.”

Someone said, “More like God of boredom.” A different user compared playing as Atreus to being forced to play as Abby in The Last of Us Part II noting that they were “not invested.” Abby’s sequences make up some of Part II’s strongest moments, bruh. Plenty of people also referred to Ragnarök as DLC. I’m nearing full completion and I’m at the 45 hour mark so I can attest it’s certainly not DLC sized.

Despite the negative backlash, I shouldn’t think the folks over at Santa Monica Studio have got much to worry about. After all, God of War Ragnarök is already the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive of all time. It’s clearly not for everyone though.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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