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'God Of War Ragnarök' Is Still Coming This Year, Says Insider

'God Of War Ragnarök' Is Still Coming This Year, Says Insider

Fans were worried Kratos' next adventure could be delayed, but it seems Sony Santa Monica's sequel is right on track

The sequel to 2018's critically acclaimed God Of War has been a little bit vague on updates, recently. It's enough to have a few fans worried that maybe the game was sliding from its announced 2022 release. However, according to those in the know it is still coming this year.

Said sequel, God Of War Ragnarök, was first announced in September 2020. At the time, the game's creative director at Sony Santa Monica, Cory Barlog, told people that the next adventure for Kratos and Atreus would be "done when it's done".

That 'done date' was originally slated for 2021, but in June last year PlayStation Studios announced the sequel would be pushed back until 2022. This was to give players the game "we all want to play". Production was apparently slowed down due to the pandemic, which prevented the team from collecting all the motion capture footage it needed. Fans seemed fine with the game's delay. In the words of Mario's daddy, Shigeru Miyamoto, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

Check out gameplay from God Of War Ragnarök in the video below.

An exact release was never given, which of course gave rise to speculation. Our most credible release date appeared to be from information accidentally leaked by PlayStation itself, which showed a date of 30 September 2022. This was never confirmed as the exact release date however, and could have simply been a target date. This would make sense, given it means the game would be out for the busy holiday period.

But with nothing concrete on the table people have questioned whether God Of War Ragnarök would be delayed further. A new update appears to suggest that it's still on track though - whether that's for the rumoured 30 September date, or a little bit later in the year.

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, who is notoriously in the know, commented on a reddit post questioning if Ragnarök would be delayed further. With a simple "nope," Schreier has gone some way to allaying fears that it could be another year until the long-awaited sequel is released. The man has spoken.

Guess it's coming out this year, then. Whenever God of War Ragnarök does emerge, it'll be for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Let's hope it does a Horizon Forbidden West and looks almost as great on the outgoing-gen hardware as it does the machine at gaming's cutting edge.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Santa Monica

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