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God Of War is officially back, just not how you imagined

God Of War is officially back, just not how you imagined

But at least we have new Kartos stuff, right?

God of War is back and looking great, though it’s perhaps not in the way you’re imagining. Sony has partnered with a new company to bring Kratos back, but that’s not all.

Teaming up with Spin Master, Sony has produced some new collector’s figures based on three of their hit games, including God of War.

If you haven't played God of War Ragnarok, you really should

The new figures will be available from the PlayStation Gear store and range in price depending on which one you fancy buying.

It’s not just Kratos who is in on the action, you can also find Jin from Ghost of Tsushima and Aloy from the Horizon series, too.

The leading characters are joined by others, so if you want a pair, you can have at it. Varl is available to pair with Aloy, and of course, Atreus is there to accompany Kratos.

These new collectibles will likely be shipping at the start of next year according to the store, although Sony’s Vice President of Network Advertising, Loyalty & Licensed Merchandise, Grace Chen, has mentioned they will begin shipping in August, so perhaps plan accordingly.

Each of the figures was designed directly with the developers of each game in order to properly capture their likenesses and they all come with accessories. With the ability to be posed how you choose, they’ll make a fine addition to any games room.

Of all the characters, Aloy is the most expensive at over $50, but she is the most customisable as she features changeable face plates as well as a range of weapons.

PlayStation does like to lean in hard on customisable figures and this new range looks awesome, so hopefully we’ll see more games brought to life in this way. Personally I’d love some Ratchet and Clank figures in this style with big oversize ears. I’ll be over here dreaming about those, now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Entertainment

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