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PlayStation 5 Owners Can Get Six Months Free Apple TV+, Here's How

PlayStation 5 Owners Can Get Six Months Free Apple TV+, Here's How

Anyone with a PS5 can claim six free months of Apple's streaming service (even if they're not a new subscriber), as long as they act fast.

We all love a freebie, and if you’re one of the lucky people out there who’s managed to get their hands on Sony’s elusive new-gen console, you can nab yourself a great little gift right now, at absolutely no extra cost. Treat yourself, it’s Monday.

As reported by The Verge, Apple and Sony have been offering all PS5 owners six months of free Apple TV+, with no PS Plus required. This is for both new and existing Apple TV+ subscribers, by the way - so even if you’ve already paid for the service before, you can still get in on this. What’s more, claiming it is super simple, and you can do it right now, but you don’t have long to do so before the offer is gone.

One Apple TV+'s best offerings is undoubtably Ted Lasso - check out the trailer for the show's most recent second season below.

All you need to do to claim your six months is open up the Apple TV app on your PS5, and… that’s it. Well, if you’re not already a subscriber, you’ll also need to log in with an Apple ID, but what’s a password entry screen in the face of six months of free content? The only people who aren’t eligible are those who are already subscribed to Apple TV+ via a bundle, such as Apple One (check the full terms and conditions here), but assuming you’re not, that means you’re in for a treat.

Normally, a subscription to the streaming service will cost you £4.99 (or $4.99) a month, so this sweet deal will save you about £30 ($30) in total. Think of all the extra stuff you could do with that money - you could maybe grab yourself a new game, or even a few Freddos. The choice is yours.

This promotion has been running for almost a year now, but time’s running out - you only have until 22 July to redeem it. There’s literally no reason not to get in on this, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution/Apple TV+, Martin Katler via Unsplash

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