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'The Elder Scrolls 6' Will Be Playable On Xbox One Before PlayStation 5

'The Elder Scrolls 6' Will Be Playable On Xbox One Before PlayStation 5

Thinking outside the Xbox

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Microsoft really doesn't care whether or not you have an Xbox Series X/S - a strategy that seems to be working to the company's benefit.

While PlayStation fans around the world scramble to get hold of a PlayStation 5 so they can play games like Demon's Souls and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Microsoft just calmly announced that from December 2021, you'll be able to play new-gen games on your Xbox One. How? The magic of the Cloud.

Take a look at Forza Horizon 5 in all its glory below!

Xbox has been making a huge push for streaming over the past year or so. The vast majority of Xbox Game Pass titles can now be streamed on mobile devices or any laptop. There are even plans in motion to bring Game Pass to Smart TVs and, ultimately, pretty much any device with a screen. Bringing Xbox Series X/S games to Xbox One is just the next step in Microsoft's ambitious plan to break down the barriers between generations and get games into the hands of as many players as possible.

Want to play Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI but worried you can't afford an Xbox Series console in time for their respective launches? Provided you've got a decent internet connection, you'll most likely be able to stream those badboys directly from your Xbox One.

Microsoft announced the introduction of Cloud Gaming to Xbox One during an otherwise unremarkable Gamescom showcase. The company said you'll be able to boot up over 100 games without having to download them first - including a handful of Series X/S titles. You'll know whether or not a new-gen game is cloud compatible if you spot a cloud icon next to it in the Game Pass library. Microsoft added it's targeting 1080p gameplay at 60 frames per second for these streamed games.

It's currently unclear which new-gen games will be available for Xbox One Cloud Gaming at launch, but it looks as if Microsoft will make more titles compatible over time. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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