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The Elder Scrolls 6 fans convinced they've found the game's newest teaser

The Elder Scrolls 6 fans convinced they've found the game's newest teaser

Are we clutching at straws or onto a winner here...?

It doesn’t take much to get The Elder Scrolls VI hype train steaming ahead; a recent announcement has convinced fans that a teaser for the upcoming game is on the way.

Before you say fans are clutching at straws, someone on Reddit already made that remark.

Whether you believe that this latest discovery is indeed reference to The Elder Scrolls VI or not is immaterial – it’s got fans excited regardless.

So, what clue or hint has fans so riled up?

Have you tried The Elder Scrolls Online? Now might be the time

A recent Elder Scrolls Online post that reads, “Speaking of spectacular, this house could be hinting at something special! You’ll have to wait and see...”

It isn’t much to go on, and it definitely doesn’t scream Elder Scrolls VI the moment you read it, yet hope finds a way.

To all the naysayers, one fan has something to say to you, “I guarantee that any hints towards TES VI news will be vague, and those who call them out as such will be said to be ‘grasping at straws’ until it actually happens.”

They also added, “Remember, it's an upcoming videogame, not some mythical creature. There are many reasons why this [announcement] won't be about TES VI, but also a few reasons why it may be.”

Firstly, Bethesda’s fantasy RPG does feel like a mythical creature after all this time. And secondly, there have been stranger teasers made to share a game update.

But even if this isn’t about the next instalment in the franchise, it pales in comparison to the concern fans feel since the latest Fallout 5 rumours started circulating.

We all want the waiting to end. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot more time on the clock to get through before we get the next Elder Scrolls. Death might come for us before the game launches; it’s a legitimate fear some players have.

Could this obscure find be referencing the next game? We’re not sure, but we love the enthusiasm of the OP who believes it does.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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