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Gamers want a controversial PS3 game to come back

Gamers want a controversial PS3 game to come back

Gamers are begging for the PS3 classic Fat Princess to make a comeback on modern consoles.

Thanks to last year’s overhaul of PlayStation Plus, loads more retro PlayStation titles are now available to play on modern consoles. Well, for those willing to pay the price, that is.

It caused quite a stir when it was first announced that any games that aren’t PS4 or PS5 titles are available exclusively for PlayStation Plus Premium users, meaning that anyone who wants a dose of retro goodness has to pay the most expensive monthly price. This was compounded by what many thought was a poor launch lineup, although more games have been added each month to sweeten the deal.

For PS Plus Essential subscribers, OlliOlli World is one of the freebies available to claim this month. Take a look at the trailer below.

From tomorrow, Premium subscribers will be able to play the PS1 games Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, The Legend of Dragoon, and Wild Arms 2. As a big Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons enthusiast, I’m probably a bit biased when I say that that’s a pretty good monthly lineup, but either way, some gamers on Reddit are hoping for one classic PS3/PSP game to make a comeback.

“Who remembers Fat Princess on PS3 and PSP? I'm talking about the original Fat Princess, not the lame one that came out in 2015,” Modo97 wrote. “I'm not into multiplayer games that much, but honestly that game was something else. One of my favourite online games, it was funny and addictive, all about teamwork, even if you played it with no friends it was still fun as heck and better than most of the online games out there! [...] IMAGINE if they bring it back to PS4 and PS5? A new remastered free-to-play version, that's gonna [sic] be a huge addition to PSN.”

Others are in complete agreement: “I absolutely loved this game. It was incredibly fun, I had a blast simply chopping wood or feeding the princess, lol. All classes were cool, but I really enjoyed being the priest and area healing the fighters. Also bombing the hell out of the enemy,” one wrote. “I'm the same way. I've never been a multiplayer gamer I would much rather play by myself and get invested into a good story. But Fat Princess was something else. It was a really good game,” another added.

Fat Princess was quite controversial when it first released, as some were upset over its portrayal of overweight individuals, but its gameplay proved to be a hit. Clearly, if it ever got the remake treatment - or even simply added to PS Plus in its base form - many would be eager to dive back into the action.

Featured Image Credit: Nikita Kostrykin via Unsplash, Ben Iwara via Unsplash

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