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Gamer admits they used Master Ball on Ditto because they thought it was the 'ultimate Pokémon'

Gamer admits they used Master Ball on Ditto because they thought it was the 'ultimate Pokémon'

The horror!

The Pokémon series, a franchise beloved by its legion of fans since the 90s, still proves to be ever-popular to this very day. Fans cannot get enough of Pokémon.

Arguably, the most wonderful thing about Pokémon is that it can be enjoyed by all ages, no matter the generation. Fans who have been with the series since the 90s have seen the franchise grow over the years. Young fans may have been introduced to any one of the Nintendo Switch games. Heck, I’ve seen pensioners speed around on scooters hunting Pokémon in the mobile game, Pokémon GO.

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As such, fans will be able to share their favourite Pokémon memories with family, friends and fellow fans alike. However, what about the worst Pokémon memories, those that you might prefer to be buried deep in a cave with the likes of Geodude and Diglett?

That is the very topic being discussed on Reddit. “Confess your gaming sins and be forgiven,” asks Redditor bunkadunka, before sharing their own shameful memory. “When I was eight, I used a Master Ball on Ditto in Red/Blue because I genuinely thought it was the ultimate Pokémon,” they declared.

Thankfully, at least for bunkadunka, they are not the only player to waste a Master Ball, because a four-year-old wasted one catching a Parasect. Shamefully, the Reddit thread was not short of many confessions.

Gears of War games, hardcore is very difficult. But if you play two players, one can set the difficulty to hardcore and the second player can set it to easy,” revealed ahorsenamedagro. “The second player can then just run shotty the entire game while the first player hides and still gets the Achievement for beating it on hardcore mode," wrote one user.

“I would play Zoo Tycoon and let all the lions out and watch 'em go crazy on the guests,” admitted the sinister atoastypancake. To be honest, I may or may not have done something similar in Jurassic World Evolution. Oh, and I may or may not have built death traps in Rollercoaster Tycoon.

“I accidentally burned my baby in The Sims, then high-fived my partner until we were okay again,” revealed Competitive_Dot7428. “I kept the balloon for myself in Spider-Man 2,” said a dastardly SkezWasTaken.

In all honesty, this is probably one of the best Reddit discussions that I’ve seen in a while and it’s certainly worth a gander. Moreover, if you have gaming sins of your own to confess, now might be the time.

Featured Image Credit: Deedle-Dee Productions, The Pokémon Company

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