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Gamer Plays And Completes Every Single Nintendo 64 Game After Almost Six Years

Gamer Plays And Completes Every Single Nintendo 64 Game After Almost Six Years

One Nintendo 64 fan has completed 296 games in a span of less than six years.

If there’s one problem that unites all gamers, it’s the shared experience of having a never-ending backlog. No matter how hard you try, it just never appears to lessen which makes this gamer’s quest all the more impressive. One Nintendo 64 fan has completed every single game available on the console in the space of less than six years.

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As reported by Essentially Sports, a challenge previously broke out between Nintendo 64 fans based in North America. Enthusiasts were tasked with completing all available titles, which is 296 different games to be exact. Canadian Twitch streamer AceGamerSam has now won the challenge after a whopping five and a half years, earning himself the title of N64 King.

AceGamerSam began his journey with Super Mario 64, streaming his progress on Twitch. The title ended up being one of his favourites alongside Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Diddy Kong Racing.

The streamer told Radio-Canada (translated via Essentially Sports), “Super Mario 64 was important to me because it came full circle. It’s the first three-dimensional game I played and replayed when I was eight or nine years old. It accompanied me in my youth when I went to play with friends too. To return to this game and to play, it represents a form of comfort for me.”

He later tweeted, “After five and a half years of work, I finally arrived at the grand finale of my N64 Challenge. I have a hard time believing that I made it through this challenge and didn't give up along the way.” A respectable achievement.

Featured Image Credit: AceGamerSam via Twitter, Pat Moin via Unsplash

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