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Game Of Thrones 'open-world RPG trailer' has fans salivating

Game Of Thrones 'open-world RPG trailer' has fans salivating

This is where I'd make a game of thrones reference if I ever watched the show

Remember Game Of Thrones? It was that cool HBO show everyone loved to talk about a few years back. You know, before a final season so bad that the world decided that it was best never to mention it ever again.

While Game Of Thrones the show may have fallen from favour, it's clear there's still a healthy appetite for Westeros-based stories. After all, prequel series House Of The Dragon had a killer first series, and with more spinoffs on the horizon we can only assume the love for Game Of Thrones as a franchise isn't completely dead.

Which is why it baffles me that we still haven't had the kind of AAA open-world RPG that could match the scope of George R.R Martin's beloved fantasy creation. I mean, can you imagine a developer like CD Projekt RED producing a game similar in detail and ambition to The Witcher 3, but based on Game Of Thrones?

That's why I'm delighted that YouTuber TeaserPlay has produced a stunning Unreal Engine 5 trailer that posits what such a game would look like. The answer, obviously, is really damn cool.

"We should start a petition to create an open world RPG like Game of Thrones game," enthused one commenter.

"Based on the story/books but where you carve your own path as a created character, to either take the throne or help another 'player' of the game get it and make your own name. That would be AWESOME!"

Others were quick to agree, with everyone sharing the same opinion: it's a gosh darn shame that such a game remains a concept and not the real deal.

Fortunately, with games like The Witcher 4 and The Elder Scrolls 6 on the way at some point in the next 10 to 10,000 years, we'll get to scratch that fantasy RPG itch soon. And by soon I mean possibly in our lifetime if we're lucky.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay/HBO

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