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Game Of Thrones fans are baffled over lack of big budget AAA game adaptation

Game Of Thrones fans are baffled over lack of big budget AAA game adaptation

Game Of Thrones fans are baffled that a big budget AAA game adaptation has never been made.

Game of Thrones was epic. Sure, the final season had its issues (although on the whole I still enjoyed it) but as an overall series, it was generation-defining TV and I do wonder if we’ll see something on that scale again anytime soon.

If you’re sitting there thinking uh, House of the Dragon exists. You’re correct and while the first season was an immense success, I still think it has a way to go to gain the same kind of reputation and interest that Game of Thrones had in its later seasons. The potential is there though - and more spin-offs are on the way. That includes the Jon Snow series which is in very early development. I’d imagine that it will prove to be popular if the creatives can come up with the right story. Want to feel old? The famous ‘Battle of the Bastards’ aired seven years ago. Given how many years it's been since Thrones drew to a close, fans want to know why it’s never been given the AAA gaming treatment.

HBO recently announced a Harry Potter TV series. Check out the teaser trailer below.

The idea was suggested by Reddit user tastyjams2 who wrote, “Why has there never been a big budget video game release? I mean seriously. Imagine the cash cow it would be if it was made well. I was really surprised to see I couldn’t find any decent games this many years after the show ended. I would love a game.” Plenty of fellow fans agreed.

Cash_jc wrote, “Seeing how well the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises did, I could see a variety of possibilities of how it could play out, some very good and some not so much. Maybe not a direct copy of the show, but something that could expand upon the lore would be pretty cool,” while resentment suggested, “BioWare/Mass Effect style choices and consequences. Several main character storylines in one playthrough. Artwork and theme comparable to Elden Ring.” I’d play that.

MephistosFallen wrote, “An open world/sim type game with storyline, like a mix of the new HP game and Fable, that builds on the lore and your actions have consequences - and you choose your allies and which house you’re from, could be a pretty darn successful game.” Surely there’s a studio somewhere thinking up similar ideas. We hope so.

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