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Game Of Thrones' Battle of The Bastards hailed as peak TV moment on its 7th anniversary

Game Of Thrones' Battle of The Bastards hailed as peak TV moment on its 7th anniversary

Game Of Thrones fans are hailing Battle of The Bastards as peak TV moment on its 7th anniversary.

Game of Thrones made for some incredible TV viewing - and don’t hate on me, but I actually think the final season was decent. A tad rushed perhaps and okay, maybe Bran on the throne isn’t the most exciting choice and yes, I think Jon should have killed the Night King. Otherwise, the story was suitably wrapped up. Yes, I know I’m alone in thinking that. You don’t need to tell me.

Everyone will have their favourite Game of Thrones episodes. ‘The Red Wedding’ is known for being one of the most-shocking tearjerkers on TV. I remember staring at the screen aghast. ‘The Mountain and The Viper’ included one of the most shocking death scenes on TV, as did ‘Mother’s Mercy’ for that matter. ‘The Long Night’ is a banger if you’re into incredible tense and elongated fight sequences. My personal favourite was ‘Hardhome’. After years of waiting for the Army of the Dead, they finally showed up in spectacular fashion. For many though, ‘Battle of the Bastards’ was peak TV.

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Can you believe that it’s been seven years since ‘Battle of the Bastards’ aired? How time flies. As a refresher (not that I’d imagine you need it), the episode saw Jon Snow, Ramsey Bolton and their respective armies go head to head in what was ultimately a deadly battle. Who else held their breath when Jon was getting buried alive by bodies? Thankfully, our guy came out on top, literally and figuratively.

To celebrate its anniversary, fans are reminiscing about the episode. Twitter user ItsMeNomad wrote, “Peak TV moment,” while Abe_R_84 added, “One of the best scenes in TV show history. This was the last best season of Game of Thrones.” JimmyHarrity wrote, “This isn’t just one of Thrones’ best scenes of all time, this is literally one of the best scenes in all of TV and cinema.”

Many echoed that sentiment. User rotator_ said, “One of the greatest hours of entertainment period.” Ah, I miss the good ol’ days.

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