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Gabriel Luna's Tommy hailed as one of The Last Of Us' best casting choices

Gabriel Luna's Tommy hailed as one of The Last Of Us' best casting choices

Fans are impressed by actor Gabriel Luna who brings Tommy to life in The Last of Us.

It feels like mere days ago that The Last of Us premiered on HBO and here we are, just three episodes away from the end. I say the end, we know for a fact that season two is on the way. That being said, given the scale of The Last of Us Part II, I’d guess that it’ll be a few years before we see the story hit our TV screens.

Episode six, ‘Kin,’ proved to be another hit. Did you know that the episode was actually hiding a Red Dead Redemption 2 connection? ‘Kin’ spent plenty of time setting up Part II, introducing us to Jackson, and Ellie to her future horse Shimmer. Fans are also convinced that it was Dina lurking in the canteen. It was great to see Joel and Tommy reunited, especially as Tommy hadn’t been seen since the premiere episode. Many fans are actually saying that Gabriel Luna as Tommy is one of the best casting choices on the show.

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Reddit user Nick_Hoadley wrote, “Maybe a hot take idk but Gabriel Luna as Tommy is probably my favourite casting choice. The respect and passion that he has for the source material seems unmatched.” Downmainstreet added, “This guy is knocking it out of the park. He’s gonna be an absolute tank in season two,” while jeffrey_n_c said, “I agree. He sounds and moves and acts like Tommy from the game. I suspect he may have played the games a whole lot before accepting this role.”

For those who are familiar with Part II, you’ll know that Tommy features in a much larger capacity in that game so we should expect to see Luna in more episodes by the time the next series rolls around. Making Tommy a father is a new change. It’ll be interesting to see how that impacts Part II’s story.

We recently spoke to video game Tommy actor Jeffrey Pierce who was also full of praise for Luna. He told us, “Gabriel is an absolute pro. He attacked it like he would if it were a biopic. He studied the character. He studied what I did and what was created by Naughty Dog in the games, and then brought all of himself to that as well. He nailed it.” Well said.

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