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Fresh Silent Hill Leak Shows Teaser Trailer, Looks Pretty Convincing

Fresh Silent Hill Leak Shows Teaser Trailer, Looks Pretty Convincing

Something's leaking from the walls.

It’s the gaming industry’s worst kept secret at this point, but it looks like yet another leak is pointing toward developer Konami making a new Silent Hill game.

A teaser trailer for an upcoming game set in the foggiest town in the world has appeared online and it’s got fans’ tongues wagging, as the HD video clip seems to hint that an announcement may be imminent.

Silent Hill is currently being remade in Unreal Engine 5 by some enthusiastic fans, and it is looking fantastic. Check it out below.

Now, as always, there’s a possibility that this teaser is a fake, a fraud, a Pyramid Head in sheep’s clothing. If that is the case, then it’s certainly a very well done fake, and Konami might want to consider hiring the person that did it.

The (very short) trailer is rumoured to come from a shareholders meeting for Konami held before July 1st, where it was uploaded to a Japanese forum, which was then posted to Twitter (at the time of writing, anyway), among other places. The tweet by account Mr_Rebs_ also indicates that the actual reveal date of the teaser will be July 12th, which is but a few short days away, so it won’t be long to wait to see if it’s true.

As you can see, whoever made this either works at Konami and it’s very genuine, or they’ve got far too much time on their hands and need to take up crocheting or something. For what it’s worth, Konami haven’t made any attempts to take down the teaser - nor have they issued a statement of any kind implying they’re aware of it. Mr_Rebs_ themselves issued a follow up tweet saying they haven't been able to confirm the legitimacy of the video. As always, we’ll take this naughty little amuse bouche with a side of skepticism, but we don’t have long at all to wait to see whether or not it’s too tasty to be true.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Konami, TriStar Pictures

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