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Forza Motorsport new trailer features stunning graphics, details new cars

Forza Motorsport new trailer features stunning graphics, details new cars

Forza Motorsport's latest trailer has confirmed a 2023 release date.

It’s genuinely difficult to keep up with all the incredible stuff that’s been unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase. Put it this way, if you were at all disappointed by any of the other showcases that have happened so far during this strange not-actually-E3 season, this one is bound to have included something that you’re excited about.

After a barrage of Fable, Avowed, Star Wars and Pay Day 3 announcements, we’ve also got a brand new look at Forza Motorsport, and as you’d expect, it includes a lot of highly realistic, shiny cars that go very fast. Seriously, you could have been tricked into thinking that we were being shown real vehicles at first. I definitely don’t speak from experience there. Not at all.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Forza Motorsport below.

Car enthusiasts and fans of things that go vroom will be thrilled to see more of the Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray and Cadillac V-Series.R in action (AKA the two cars featured in the cover art). Even if you had to Google what those are, I’m sure you can agree that the in-game interpretations of the cars are jaw-dropping - Forza games are renowned for their graphics, and Motorsport’s are truly stunning.

Vehicular eye candy aside, the new detail that’s likely got most gamers excited is the release date. It’s been confirmed that Forza Motorsport will be racing onto Xbox Series X/S and PC on 10 October 2023, so there's not long to wait for it. Furthermore, it’ll be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day-one, too, giving gamers all the more reason to keep their subscriptions going.

If you're yet to buy one of Xbox's new-gen consoles, it was also confirmed during the showcase that a brand new Series S model will be launching on 1 September. The Carbon Black Series S will feature 1TB of storage space, which is very juicy, and will finally provide a much-needed upgrade for the digital-only console.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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