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FIFA 23 game-breaking glitch wrecks your copy if you have too many friends

FIFA 23 game-breaking glitch wrecks your copy if you have too many friends

FIFA 23 contains a game-breaking glitch on PS5 which could cause stability issues if you have too many friends.

They say popularity comes with a price. Well, they don’t say that, but I just did because a new potentially game-breaking glitch has been found in FIFA 23 - and it’s all to do with the number of pals you have.

It’s the end of an era for FIFA. As I’m sure you’re now aware, EA and FIFA have officially parted ways. The franchise will henceforth be known as EA Sports FC and in recent weeks, we got our first glimpse at the series’ new branding. We’re yet to hear about the first EA Sports FC game though, although I’m imagining we will soon, seeing as September will mark one year since the release of FIFA 23. If you’re still enjoying FIFA 23, you might want to start being a little fussy about who you send a friend request to.

Take a look at some of our favourite wins and fails below.

As reported by Push Square, having too many mates could cause your game to bork. Earlier this week, the FIFA 23 Twitter said, “We are investigating reports of some players experiencing stability issues with launching FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5 with TU #12.” It’s the fix that’s interesting though. They added, “Workaround: Reduce your PS5 friends list to 100 or less friends and re-launch the game.”

It’s not an ideal fix, especially if you like all of your 100+ friends. If there is someone you’ve been dying to ditch though - which, I’ll admit, is quite savage - you could do it now and, as Push Square points out, blame FIFA 23. As this is a temporary fix, I’m sure devs are investigating the real cause of the problem, and as the tweet states, the issues does seem to be localised to PS5 consoles.

In other FIFA related news, footballer Sydney Leroux demanded that EA Sports ‘deflate her boobs’ after discovering that her FIFA 16 avatar is a little too chesty.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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