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Fans Are Begging Marvel To Acknowledge A Giant MCU Plot Hole

Fans Are Begging Marvel To Acknowledge A Giant MCU Plot Hole

Surely somebody noticed this?

Considering that there have been nearly 30 movies and five TV shows across the last 10 years, it's remarkable that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is as coherent as it is.

With that said, it's not perfect. Certain plot points are forgotten, some characters are never mentioned again, and there are plenty of inconsistences for those who really want to go looking for them. For the most part, it's pretty easy to ignore these and just enjoy the ride. However, there's at least one gaping plot hole that fans are begging Marvel to acknowledge - and soon.

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Eternals might not have been Marvel's best movie, but it certainly sets up plenty of important ideas as we forge ahead into a new era for the constantly evolving superhero franchise. That's why fans are so surprised - and a little annoyed - that it's game-changing climatic moments haven't been acknowledged anywhere by anyone else in the MCU so far.

A little refresher for those that either missed Eternals or fell asleep before the end: the assembled Eternals fight to stop a giant Celestial from emerging from the core of the Earth and destroying the planet - and they're successful! But not before a good portion of the cosmic behemoth has already risen out of the Indian Ocean.

Disregarding the fact that the Celestial even partially popping out of the Earth's core should have caused irreparable damage, literally nobody outside of Eternals seems to have acknowledged to the sudden appearance of a giant alien robot in the sea. Given how well Marvel movies typically reference big events like alien invasions and superhero civil wars, it's a little surprising that nobody at any point in subsequent MCU outings (Hawkeye, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Moon Knight) has raised it.

"My favorite thing about this whole decision is that every time they show earth from space now in future movies they have to put Tiamut’s big baby head and hand in the shot of Earth," wrote one Reddit user.

"Don't overthink things," another reasoned. "The MCU tries to deal with consequences but it's still a comic book universe. Can't have things get too real."

Of course the practical behind-the-scenes explanation here is that the pandemic completely borked Marvel's release schedule, which undoubtedly made it even harder for the most recent run of shows and movies to reference one another properly. I've no doubt the MCU will reference this hefty lad at some point - but for now fans are just going to have to sit tight.

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