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Fallout fans need to check out this hugely ambitious free Steam download

Fallout fans need to check out this hugely ambitious free Steam download

Fans of Fallout's post-apocalyptic setting will love this one

Fans of the much-loved Fallout series may have a new favourite thanks to this upcoming “dystopian-tinged survival sandbox adventure” arriving later this year.

Although Fallout is getting a resurgence lately thanks to April’s hit television adaption from Netflix, there is no avoiding the fact that Bethesda has not released a title in the series since Fallout 76 in 2018 (that’s if you want to count the multiplayer at all).

Not sure which Fallout title to start with? We have you covered!

As a result, fans are desperately calling out for a title with a similar feel to Fallout and luckily, we may have found just the thing.

City 20 is an upcoming dystopian survival adventure where players will have the chance to craft their own narrative in a series of important choices, all whilst navigating harsh environmental conditions.

Developed by Untold Games, City 20 takes place in a secret nuclear city which has been quarantined after a radioactive leak. Now forced to starve and fend for yourselves, players will need to survive within this sandbox by adapting to their environment and choosing the best path to take.

With every choice having a profound effect on gameplay, “you are completely free to choose how to play and what to do”. However, the world will adapt to your choices so each decision you make will have consequences.

By interacting with the world in City 20, you will be able to build relationships with factions, contribute to society, work together or clash with NPCs and maintain or break the balance of nature.

With hunting, crafting, housing and farming to master, City 20 is full of things to do but with resources scarce, you will have to manage your inventory well.

City 20 is set to release some time in 2024 so don’t miss out on this one if you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic survival genre. Better yet, it is now free to try out on Steam for a limited time.

Featured Image Credit: Untold Games

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