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Even Fallout 5's most optimistic release date is laughably far away

Even Fallout 5's most optimistic release date is laughably far away

We have to wait how long?!

Thinking about the launch date of Fallout 5 is uncomfortable.

Fallout players want this next instalment badly, even more so after Amazon’s adaptation exceeded expectations.

However, the reality of when we’ll get the game is as bleak as the Wasteland.

When a Redditor asked if anyone had “any news” about its launch, the fandom came to their aid with harsh truths.

“Nothing has been announced [...],” commented DirectorDennis. “Now for some educated guesses. Release date? Somewhere between 2035 to 2041 I think is the most likely release window for Fallout 5.”

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Oh yes, if people thought the wait for Rockstar Games’s GTA VI has been arduous, Bethesda has said “hold my beer” to its unspoken challenge.

This, unfortunately, wasn’t what the OP wanted to hear.

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2035 to 2041 ARE You kidding!?!?!” they responded.

Despite popularity for Bethesda’s Fallout having returned, this doesn’t negate the fact that The Elder Scrolls VI will launch first. Or, at least, it should do.

Gamers have been left “kind of angry” ever since that Elder Scrolls announcement was made; it was a mistake in hindsight, but not one Bethesda can undo.

Instead, the fandom has to sit with the knowledge that the game is approximately “five years away” (assuming no delays occur).

Redditor DirectorDennis said as much when responding to the horrified OP.

“Nope not at all. The Elder Scrolls VI is still about five years away, which brings that release to 2029,” they explained. “Todd once said Fallout 5 was after that but has since walked it back, implying there might be another game before Fallout 5.”

In short, the goalposts are always moving, we just aren’t always able to see them.

Still, while changes behind the scenes will happen, a speedier release window for Fallout 5 is laughable.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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