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Fallout 5 could take us to New York according to one convincing theory

Fallout 5 could take us to New York according to one convincing theory

Are we headed to the Big Apple?

Where Fallout takes us next is being wildly discussed as I type this. There are plenty of theories circulating, however, some are more compelling than others.

One such Fallout 5 theory is that Bethesda’s next game will take us to New York.

Before you dismiss it as a throwaway theory, this one seems to hold some weight. According to @SynthPotato on Twitter, New York was originally the location for Fallout 4.

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“NYC was originally going to be the location of Fallout 4, with an entire design document already mapped out [...] according to Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Designer at Bethesda.”

Oh, they’re not done with this theory just yet. They continue, “At some point they switched to Boston [...] instead saving it [NYC] for a future Fallout game which should be Fallout 5.”

If you thought the debate over whether Fallout 5 should let us play as Ghouls and Mutants was intense, you haven’t seen the comments on this thread.

“They’ve confirmed NYC is legit just f**king obliterated. It won’t be there because there isn’t anything left lmao,” responded one cocksure player.

Not that it deterred the OP from their theory. “They haven’t really confirmed it,” their argument begins.

“Reading the wiki page, it refers to at least one part of it, and considering they genuinely have a whole design document, I’d say that crater was the original glowing sea.”

Fallout 5 is years away yet, that much we do know. So, the claims that tech still limits Bethesda’s possibilities seems invalid considering that a rough launch date is set at “2030 minimum”.

Besides, with Fallout 4 new update has come a sea of all too familiar bugs, leaving us wondering whether we should laugh or cry.

Let’s try and sort out the current games first before we try to fathom what’s in the next instalment.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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