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Fallout 4 player shares time-saving tip I wish I'd known 9 years ago

Fallout 4 player shares time-saving tip I wish I'd known 9 years ago

Fallout 4 players, new or old, need to know this tip

While all of the hype surrounding the Fallout TV series has died down, it’s gotten thousands of new players playing the games.

At the top of everyone’s most-played list is Fallout 4, a great title for those wanting to get into the series for the first time, especially after its new-gen update.

Check out Fallout 4 below.

However, while it does have some of the most modernised gameplay in the series, there’s a lot of stuff the game won’t tell you on your first playthrough, though luckily there are loads of veteran players out there sharing tips for the newbies.

One tip comes from a Reddit thread by Dylloop95, who put together a comprehensive and helpful list of things new players should know for their first trip to the Commonwealth, and I’d wager some of it will even surprise long-time fans like myself.

It features loads of helpful advice, but also encourages others to chip in with their own advice.

One fan, SomeBloke93, took the opportunity to share something even I didn’t know, which is instead of “repeatedly pushing the back button” to leave a terminal, you can simply hold it down and exit it straight away.

Another good tip for hacking is keeping an eye out for special characters, like [],(), <>,and {} as selecting some of these will occasionally remove incorrect words, or reset your attempts so you don’t get locked out.

They’re small tips, but they make your wasteland wandering that little bit easier, so I’d urge you to check out the full thread and others like them regardless of whether you’re an old or new player.

Fallout 4 is available right now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, and you can even play it at no additional cost via Xbox Game Pass if you have an active subscription.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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