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Fallout 4 has a 'hidden' good ending a lot of us missed

Fallout 4 has a 'hidden' good ending a lot of us missed

I guess it's time to replay again

With how you approach many of the game’s main scenarios being entirely up to you, one secret ending for Fallout 4 may just shock you even after all these years.

In between building up your settlement, battling ghouls and forgetting about your missing son, Fallout 4 invites players to work for multiple factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad and the Minutemen.

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With all of them wanting something in particular from our Vault Dweller as well as having opposing beliefs, it is understandable that we may favour some over the others.

However, if you are in search of a secret ending for Fallout 4, then you may just have to plaster a smile on your face and mingle as one requires you to be on good terms with them all.

Spotted on r/Fallout, a hidden ending for Fallout 4 has been discovered and according to the original poster, it requires quite a few challenging steps.

“Ending 5:"Hidden Ending" BOS, Minutemen and Railroad all alive,” they posted. “This ending is very difficult to complete and involves doing quests in a special order, the result is a new ending with recorded dialogue options unable to be achieved in other endings.

The Sole Survivor is in good standing with all three factions and has access to all side quests. All topside Companions live, and all factions are at peace with one another. This ending is very difficult to complete and needs to have quests done in a very specific order.”

In a world devastated by a nuclear bomb and with humanity hanging by a thread, it can be quite difficult to achieve peace but this is a requirement if you wish to access this secret ending which some also believe to just be the Minutemen ending.

However, with Fallout 4 back in the limelight thanks to the recent success of the hit Amazon show, it is no surprise that fans are rediscovering all the Bethesda titles have to offer.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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