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Fallout 4 has a hidden dialogue feature we're only just finding after 9 years

Fallout 4 has a hidden dialogue feature we're only just finding after 9 years

There's a lot hidden within the Commonwealth

A new Reddit thread about the dialogue options in Fallout 4 has revealed dialogue options that even hardcore fans of the title didn't know was possible.

The post in question is from a user who spent over 200 hours in the game, before they realised that there's an option to be rude to NPCs in the title. While this option is actually something known by a lot of players, and has been consistently noted upon since the game launched, it's actually one of the comments in the thread that revealed another dialogue option: the option to speak to somebody while drunk.

For those not in the know, similar to other RPGs it's possible to get both drunk and high in the post-apocalyptic title. While fans had assumed that this had little impact on the actual roleplaying elements of the game, instead having more of an impact on the actual combat elements of the game, it actually does factor into the dialogue options, with a new drunk option available to players.

"This is all in vanilla FO4. There is some semi-hidden dialogue that is hilarious. Bethesda just made dialogue infuriatingly abridged and unexplained," one user explained in the thread, with another noting that:

"It's a shame because one of the biggest complaints about Fallout 4 is the simplified dialogue. It's cool to see there's some nuance there. I imagine if it had '[Drunk] say x' or '[Chems] say y' people would be happier, instead of hiding them away like this."

The Fallout series has seen a recent spike in popularity owing to the incredible success of the Amazon Prime original adaptation of the show. It's so successful, in fact, that the show releasing has reportedly earned developer Bethesda at least $80 million in both game sales that have been driven by the show, and the actual brand deal between Bethesda and Amazon themselves.

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