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Fallout 3's open-world hailed as one of the most immersive ever

Fallout 3's open-world hailed as one of the most immersive ever

Fallout 3 just hits differently.

Bethesda’s Fallout series is one of the most popular RPG properties of all time and players cannot get enough of its retro, yet futuristic post-apocalyptic world.

The Fallout series has been around since 1997, over 10 years before Bethesda acquired the licence. However, since being welcomed into the Bethesda family, the series has arguably never been better.

Check out the Fallout 3 trailer below!

Bethesda’s first game in this series was Fallout 3, which just so happens to be today’s topic of discussion and some fans have described this entry as one of the most immersive ever. To be honest, I kind of agree. Don’t get me wrong, I love most other Fallout games, but there was something special about 2008’s Fallout 3. “Which video game world feels the most immersive to you, and why?” asks Redditor qwest91.

“It doesn’t have the same gravitas anymore but I was 15 when Fallout 3 came out and it was incredible. It was the first game I played that truly felt open with endless ways to explore it,” explained one Reddit user. “The storyline was phenomenal with a fantastic balance of comedy and drama. So many great side characters met along the way,” they continued. “I kept restarting around level five or six because I just had to have the perfect character before committing to the rest of the game. I needed to rent it from Hollywood Video for three months so that I could finally beat it. Wish I could accurately describe the hype it had back then.”

“There's still a magic to that world that hits. I do think part of it is nostalgia because Fallout 3 came out at exactly the right time for me,” exclaimed 1ndomitablespirit. “No moment in gaming has hit me as hard as walking out of Vault 101 for the first time and seeing the ruined Washington DC skyline. Even today, I'll get goosebumps at that part. Other games people have mentioned can suck me in, but Fallout 3 can completely take over my imagination and makes me feel like I'm really there.”

“There's a lot of issues with Fallout 3. But f**k me, that moment where you leave the vault, and blink the sun out of your eyes and just see the wasteland is amazing,” adds Plagueofzombies.

“I just started a new Fallout 3 playthrough. Absolutely still hits on that level. The game shows its age in a lot of ways, but the immersion? The writing, voice acting, the atmosphere, the environmental storytelling? Still among the best the industry has to offer,” rejoiced TurrPhennirPhan.

Fallout 3 is available now on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Best of all, it’s not only backwards compatible on Xbox Serie X|S and Xbox One, but it’s also included in Xbox Game Pass. Happy days!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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