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Fallout 3: Rebirth is a massive unofficial remaster you can download now

Fallout 3: Rebirth is a massive unofficial remaster you can download now

Get yourself this Fallout 3 remastered experience

If you’re one of the millions who recently watched the Amazon Prime adaptation of Fallout and simply can’t get enough you might be thinking about playing some Fallout 3.

While Fallout 3 is a brilliant game from Bethesda, it hasn’t aged brilliantly in the 16 years since it was released, but thankfully this unofficial remaster overhauls the game.

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The mod, found on Nexus Mods, is a complete visual overhaul that not only makes everything a bit prettier but also populates some of the settlements to make the wasteland feel more alive, despite all the death.

One of the mod creators goals was to make a more populated experience, not just in the form of NPCs but also with more vehicles lining the roads, and more raiders controlling areas.

This creates a better experience all around and gives players more to do while also seeing a slightly more authentic picture of post-apocalyptic living. To list the overhauled locations would take up hundreds of words, so take it from us, this is a huge change.

Until Bethesda gets around the much rumoured Fallout 3 remake, this is your best bet to get even close to that experience. While it doesn’t bring the game up to modern standards, it certainly makes it a much more enjoyable experience than the base game can provide.

The beefing up of raider camps is perhaps the best part of the mod as for high-level players they can become a little too easy and this gives players more of a challenge.

The mod creator even mentions that high-level players will now have to look over their shoulders more often as you’re more likely to find super mutants setting up camp wherever they feel like it. So be prepared to fight.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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