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Skyrim fan works out what happened to the Dwemer, and it's not pretty

Skyrim fan works out what happened to the Dwemer, and it's not pretty

It's a hell of a theory

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim players have been theorising on what happened to the Dwemer, and are settling on the idea that it wasn’t anything good.

Despite originally releasing in 2011, Skyrim is still as popular now as it was back then, and players have made it their mission to pick it clean of content and even add their own with mods.

To be fair, there’s nothing better to do while we wait for The Elder Scrolls VI, which was announced SIX years ago.

Aside from replaying the game over and over, there’s also an extensive amount of lore to dive into, and some players have made it their mission to uncover every minor detail, including solving one of the game’s biggest mysteries: What happened to the Dwemer?

In a recent Reddit post asking that exact question, fans shared their theories as to what could have happened to the race, whose remnants can be found all across Skyrim’s overground and underground.

One theory from MrM1005 stood out amongst the rest, suggesting that the entire Dwemer race may have been absorbed into Numidium, a “gigantic humanoid golem” that has since been destroyed in the world.

Their evidence is a side-quest in Winterhold that sees a mage get absorbed into a soulstone while using a Dwermeric dagger called Keening. During the quest the Dragonborn absorbs the mage’s souls after the original soulstone is broken.

MrM1005 went on to explain the last thing known about the Dwemer is one used Keening on the Heart of Lorkhan, an ancient artifact, and after this happened, all of the Dwemer simply ceased to exist.

The theory is that the Dwemer didn’t just vanish, they were all absorbed into Numidium, who’s now lost and lifeless with all of their souls trapped inside, which sounds like a fate worse than death to be honest.

Of course that’s just a theory, a game theory, but it’s a pretty good one at that, and who knows, maybe it’s even true.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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