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Elden Ring: The Convergence update teases new areas to explore

Elden Ring: The Convergence update teases new areas to explore

Elden Ring mod is showing off new environments

An Elden Ring mod, The Convergence, is making some very steady progress and the team behind the mod has been showing off some gorgeous environments via Twitter.

Lake of Rot is the newest area the team is talking about, and the screenshots are making jaws drop. While we’re not being shown extreme details, what we can see is a stunning red-tinged environment filled with crumbling ruins and statues that really echo the lore and visuals seen in Elden Ring.

While you're waiting for Elden Ring DLC you can find many mods to extend your playthrough

Fromsoftware did an amazing job of building the vast open world of Elden Ring and giving each area its own personality. Of course, a popular game such as this just leaves fans wanting more, and that’s where modding teams come in. The team behind The Convergence are lovingly and painstakingly designing new areas for die-hard players to expand their next playthrough.

Lake of Rot is all about the atmosphere. The reds and greys in the colour palette make for a brooding area that looks terrifying even before any roaming enemies have been added. Huge trees add a little life to the area, making it oddly inviting.

This is just one part of a huge mod that will overhaul many areas of the bestselling game. The plan is to introduce new classes, new environments, and a bunch of original bosses, too. The team has been updating their Patreon page with all kinds of updates, most recently showcasing their work on new classes Abberant Heretic, Fire Prophet, and Frost Witch. The team is putting in a huge amount of work, especially when it comes to designing the new bosses and making them feel a seamless part of The Lands Between.

From what we’ve seen on their Twitter page, the team has been in alpha test for a while now and while there is no firm date for release, updates are coming thick and fast.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco, Convergence

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