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Elden Ring fans given special sick note for play DLC release

Elden Ring fans given special sick note for play DLC release

Elden Ring players are calling in sick tomorrow, I can't blame them

Tarnished warriors are being given official sick notes so they can stay home and play the new DLC.

The Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree launches tomorrow for Xbox, PlayStation and PC gamers alike, and as someone who’s played it from start to finish I can guarantee you won’t want to miss out.

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While fans wait for those last few hours to be over, strengthening their character builds and putting together hit-lists of which bosses they want to battle first, many are facing the harsh reality that they’ll have to work all day before jumping into the expansion.

Fear not though, as in a semi-sarcastic way the official Elden Ring Twitter (or X) account has created a sick note to hand to your boss so you can play the DLC in peace, and I’d love to see someone actually try it.

The post read “Tarnished, have your masters, educators, and overseers not seen the light of Miquella? Perchance use this note to convince them of the importance of your quest in the Realm of Shadow.”

The note is signed by Knight Leda, an important character in the DLC and one fans will grow very familiar with as they journey through the Realm Of Shadow.

Fans quickly took advantage of the generous offer of Knight Leda, with one fan replying with a signed copy of the letter saying “Signed, sealed and delivered.”

Another humorously replied with “what if my boss has a matching one?” In which case I’d suggest that’s a win-win, now you can both play the DLC uninterrupted.

Some reiterated just how long they’ve waited for the DLC, so long that they’ve already prepared days off work to celebrate, saying “that's cute and all, but we all took leave weeks in advance.”

Rest assured, those days off will be well-spent, as the Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion is enormous, and it’s going to take you a good few hours to see even a third of what it has to offer.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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