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Elden Ring scrapped a season pass in favour of one massive expansion

Elden Ring scrapped a season pass in favour of one massive expansion

It's alleged that FromSoftware cancelled plans to release a season pass for Elden Ring at launch, which would have contained two DLCs.

Elden Ring is already a colossal game, but it’s soon set to get even bigger thanks to its upcoming DLC expansion.

Right from release, based on FromSoftware’s pattern of releasing DLC for its Soulsborne games, we all knew that it was probably only a matter of time before some extra content for Elden Ring launched, and it finally got revealed earlier this year. Titled Shadow of the Erdtree, we know very little about the DLC expansion right now, but the announcement teased that it’ll contain “new adventures in the Lands Between”. Looking at the gorgeous concept art, which appears to feature Malenia’s older brother, Miquella, it seems we can get ready to unpack a whole load of new lore (and fight a lot more controller-smashingly difficult bosses).

Take a look at this gamer playing Elden Ring with her mind below.

As of now, FromSoftware hasn’t confirmed if there’ll be any more DLC coming to Elden Ring after Shadow of the Erdtree, but according to Soulsborne enthusiast Lance McDonald, the devs’ plans for additional downloadable content were almost very different to what they are now. As Twisted Voxel reports, in a series of messages sent on Discord, McDonald alleged that the game was almost given a season pass of DLC at launch.

Elden Ring was meant to launch with a season pass for two DLCs by the way. It was all 100% planned,” McDonald wrote. “No idea when it was cancelled exactly, it just never happened and then the colosseums just randomly showed up for free. And they were missing tons of content. And now only one DLC is coming. Feels like Bloodborne what happened with that. […] Season pass was 100% the original plan.”

McDonald thinks that it’s better to “make one massive DLC” anyway, and I’m sure that many fans agree. With that said, we’re yet to see the scale of Shadow of the Erdtree, so let’s hope that it meets fans’ expectations whenever it releases.

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