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New 'Elden Ring' Update Just Added Even More New Content

New 'Elden Ring' Update Just Added Even More New Content

A patch for Patches

There's no stopping FromSoftware. Elden Ring was already a massive game when it launched, offering hundreds of hours of exploration across a ridiculously huge open world. Honestly? It's almost too big.

Not that this has stopped FromSoftware from gleefully tipping another bucket of sweet, sweet content into the game. Elden Ring has had a few post-launch updates now, usually with the primary goal of balancing certain weapons/encounters. However, the developer also appears to enjoy throwing in the occasional new NPC event, just to keep us on our toes.

The recently released patch 1.04 isn't quite as substantial - or controversial - as previous updates. Available now on all platforms, it's made some tweaks to weapon classes and added a new camera option - nothing game-changing.

One thing that did catch our eye in the patch notes, though, was that FromSoftware has "added some event phases for the NPC Patches".

If you don't know about Patches, you can find out what he's all about in our handy explainer guide here. The TLDR of it all is that Patches is an NPC who shows up in every FromSoftware game, and is always a bit of a rascal. While he already has his own questline in Elden Ring, it would appear that a few more steps have now been added to the adventure.

It's not yet clear what these new events for Patches are, but I wouldn't expect anything too huge. We'll be sure to dive into the game and see what, exactly, this iconic NPC has in store for us as of patch 1.04.

Beyond Patches being patched, there are plenty of other smaller changes to certain weapons, spells, attacks, and enemies. Be sure to read up on them here and make sure your preferred build hasn't been horribly nerfed.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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