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Elden Ring announces free update, packed with new content

Elden Ring announces free update, packed with new content

Free content is coming to Elden Ring

It’s set to be a busy ol’ week for Elden Ring fans. Yes, Shadow of the Erdtree is finally set to land this coming Friday, on 21 June.

As it turns out, the vast majority of Elden Ring players will be unable to dive into the expansion given that so few have acquired the trophies for defeating both Mohg and Starscourge Radahn.

If you have completed both of those boss battles then you’re ready to go.

We recently had the opportunity to sample Shadow of the Erdtree, writing in our preview, “I'm delighted to report that after three hours with Elden Ring's upcoming Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion, Miyazaki and FromSoftware hate you more than ever. This is a brutal new adventure that builds on everything that made the base game great, and is absolutely filled with the very best kinds of rotten tricks.”

The Elden Ring DLC will set you back around £34.99 but that’s not all that’s landing this week.

A free update is also coming to the base game and it’s packed with new content.

Take a look at Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree in action below.

The free update will be released for Elden Ring players on 20 June, this Thursday.

Let’s begin with the new inventory features.

Newly obtained items will now be identified via an exclamation mark symbol, and a new tab has been added which is aptly titled ‘Recent Items’.

As for Summoning Pools, active Summoning Pools will now be carried over to New Game Plus, and individual Summoning Pools can now be enabled and disabled in a newly added Map Functions Menu.

Do note though that only active Summoning Pools will be selected when using the Small Golden Effigy.

The update will also add five new hairstyles to the game which can be selected either from the character creator, when using the Clouded Mirror Stand, or when using the Rennala’s Rebirth feature.

Additionally, the update will also include several bug fixes and developers have teased “other features” to be announced when the update goes live later this week.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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