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Gather around Elden Ring fans, the first party-based soulslike is set to launch next month

Gather around Elden Ring fans, the first party-based soulslike is set to launch next month

The game launches at the start of August

The first party-based soulslike, Deathbound, is launching next month, bringing with it a whole new foray into a new world.

"Deathbound is a one-of-a-kind party-based soulslike set in a callous world where Faith and Science clash. The forbidden city of Akratya is an unforgiving land that cannot be conquered alone. Bind with fallen warriors found throughout your crusade and dynamically transform between the characters seamlessly mid-combat with the unique 4-hero party system," the official overview for the game states.

A demo for the title is currently available, meaning players can get a taste for what to expect before they play the game, and work out if this new party-based soulslike system is worth their time, or if it's something they can skip before the game releases on August 8. Deathbound will be launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, so regardless of platform you'll be able to give the game a shot.

Take a look at Deathbound in action below.

Detailing the combat system that players can expect further, the Steam page states that: "Deathbound features a robust party system that allows players to craft a playstyle through talent trees. Seamlessly switch between fallen warriors to harness their skills and abilities. Each party member's affiliation in life will affect the synergy in death."

While soulslike games have previously taken dives into other genres and pulled elements from other games, this is the first time that a party system has been implemented. Usually your journeys through this miserable and difficult lands are solitary, requiring you to change your equipment and your character on the fly in order to maximise damage output and beat an enemy, but with a party system, it'll be possible to have people ready for any given outcome without having to run back to a save point to respec.

Featured Image Credit: Tate Multimedia

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