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First evidence of Elden Ring 2 appears online

First evidence of Elden Ring 2 appears online

First evidence of Elden Ring 2 appears online

Despite it not even being two years since Elden Ring was released, fans are still desperate for news on a potential sequel. Luckily for them, a new batch of job listings could hint at its potential future.

Elden Ring released in 2022 and was swiftly met with critical acclaim including winning Game of the Year at the Game Awards. The FromSoftware title was praised for its large-scale open-world structure, challenging combat and heaps of freedom for the player which makes it unsurprising that the title managed to sell over 20-million copies.

Check out the Elden Ring launch trailer below!

One year on from the game’s initial launch, FromSoftware announced that an Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree was in development. The DLC is expected to be the equivalent of two standard DLCs but it is yet to receive a release date.

With no new updates on Shadow of the Erdtree, attention has turned to a potential Elden Ring 2 and the first evidence of its existence may have just surfaced online courtesy of a Tweet by Okami Games.

“FromSoftware begins a massive recruiting spree for key roles in “several new projects"", the Tweet reads. “A special recruiting event has been announced and they’re currently hiring for pretty much every role. Seems like they’re expanding big time.”

This hint follows FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazak taking to Reddit to share some news about a potential sequel back in October. Miyazaki-san all but confirmed its existence when he said: “Some lore bit clarifications and reveals are being saved for future games”.

A sequel would not be too far-fetched for FromSoftware as was seen with the likes of Armored Core and Dark Souls. However, with Shadow of the Erdtree reportedly a priority for the studio, it may be a while until we see an Elden Ring 2.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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