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EA to end game support on 2023 release, 7 months after launch

EA to end game support on 2023 release, 7 months after launch

EA are reportedly ending support on Wild Hearts, just seven months after the game was launched.

Words by Dan Lipscombe

It seems that much of the news regarding EA is bringing bad vibes. Earlier today, we reported the lay-offs of staff at Ascendant Studios after the poor performance of Immortals of Aveum. Now, it’s being reported that support for another recent EA title, Wild Hearts, is being discontinued.

The news comes via a message on the game’s official Discord and on its subreddit from a moderator saying, “What you think has happened to the game has unfortunately happened”. The message continued, “In typical EA news, it seems like they [EA] did not want to sit on the game and give it the time and expected it to most likely be the next MH [Monster Hunter].”

Wild Hearts joins Immortals of Aveum and Forspoken as one this year's underperforming new IPs. Take a look at Forspoken in action below.

Wild Hearts launched this year and currently has a Metascore of 79, which is very respectable for a new IP. The aim was to capitalise on the success of Monster Hunter which has always led the fantasy hunting genre it defined and there was a view to bring on new players to this style of game.

Perhaps a sign of the quality of games and the turbulence of the industry in 2023, this could be an unfortunate piece of news for players who were enjoying Wild Hearts.

The message on Discord and Reddit ended by summing up the situation, “Seems like it didn’t turn into the multi-million dollar big hit they wanted and don’t want to give it the love to grow.”

While there hasn’t been any official word from EA, it’s hard to ignore messages posted on their official channels. Should the worst come to the worst, hopefully the servers will stay online and stable, though it’s highly unlikely we’ll see any new content.

This news should, for now, be taken lightly until a formal announcement comes from EA or the Wild Hearts developer Omega Force.

Featured Image Credit: EA Orignals

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