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'Dying Light 2' Day One Patch Has Over 1,000 Fixes

'Dying Light 2' Day One Patch Has Over 1,000 Fixes

Ain't dead yet

Happy Dying Light 2 release day! It's no secret that fans of Techland's 2016 open-world zombie adventure have been dying (no pun intended) to get their hands on the sequel, and now it's finally here.

Whether you've booked the day off or are desperately glancing at the clock and counting down the seconds until you can leave work and get home to get stuck in, Dying Light 2 should provide you with a damn entertaining weekend.

As I'm sure you're aware, plenty of recent AAA releases have been ruined altogether by nasty bugs and glitches that aren't fixed until months down the line, if at all. Both Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk 2077 were marred by their horrendous launches, and while the developers of each game have promised fixes to come, that doesn't magically erase the disappointment of picking up the game at launch only to discover it doesn't work properly.

Fortunately, Dying Light 2 should be avoiding this particularly modern problem. In my own review of the game for GAMINGbible, I acknowledged that there were a few glitches encountered throughout my adventure, but nothing particularly disastrous. Even so, Techland has prepared an extensive Day One patch that addresses over 1,000 bugs, which should hopefully make your first weekend in Villedor as smooth an experience as possible.

IGN reports that Techland “added over a thousand fixes and improvements on all the platforms" in the last few weeks, and this new patch will add “another thousand tweaks to go live on consoles within the next few days." The developer has also confirmed we can expect further PC improvements to arrive imminently.

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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