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Dino Crisis meets Far Cry in open world dinosaur survival adventure

Dino Crisis meets Far Cry in open world dinosaur survival adventure

This dinosaur survival adventure could be a treat for Dino Crisis and Far Cry fans

Fans have been waiting decades for Capcom to give us a new game in the Dino Crisis series, but sadly there appears to be no sign of that ever coming to fruition. At least at this moment in time.

The last numbered entry in the Dino Crisis series was the third game released for the original Xbox in 2003. The concept of fighting dinosaurs in space is cool but in execution, Dino Crisis 3 was so terrible, it’s been 20 years and counting since we’ve had a new game in the series.

Check out the Ferocious trailer below!

With fans petitioning for a new Dino Crisis and with Capcom benefiting greatly from its recent Resident Evil remakes, it may happen one day. However, until that time may or may not arrive, what else do we have to scratch that itchy tasty?

One game that could scratch that itch is an indie game developed by OMYOG called Ferocious which can be described as Dino Crisis meets Far Cry, an open-world dinosaur survival adventure. “Fight, Explore, Survive. Ferocious is a first-person shooter that combines a sense of wonder of exploring a mysterious prehistoric island with over-the-top action gameplay,” explains the game's description.

It continues: “In Ferocious, your adventure begins after a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean, where you awaken on the shores of a deadly island. As one of the few survivors, you must navigate deadly encounters with prehistoric creatures and armed mercenaries. Uncover the dark truth hidden within this enigmatic landscape as you fight for survival, explore treacherous terrains, and unveil the secrets lurking within Ferocious' timeless "Lost World" setting.”

Ferocious is said to be “immersive and visually stunning” with a dynamic and interactive world featuring intense combat, weapon customisation and prehistoric creatures to both fight and befriend. I wonder if we can make friends with a Tyrannosaurus Rex? That would be Ty-rrific. I’m here all day folks. At the time of writing, Ferocious isn't available to purchase just yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam to keep updated as to when the game will be released.

Hopefully, if Ferocious proves to be a success on PC, it might eventually be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured Image Credit: tinyBuild

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