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Diablo 4 made more in a week than the mobile spinoff did in a year

Diablo 4 made more in a week than the mobile spinoff did in a year

Diablo IV has made more in a week than Diablo Immortal did in an entire year.

Diablo IV has proven to be a major hit in recent weeks. In fact, Diablo IV made more money in one week than Diablo Immortal did in an entire year - and that game was also considered to be a colossal success. The phrase ‘blown out of the water’ springs to mind.

Diablo IV is already Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever, and was released to rave reviews. Players seem to be enjoying it too, even if they are having a nightmare with hardcore mode - although that’s to be expected, seeing as it’s hardcore mode. One player lost his character after reaching level 100 due to the server disconnecting, while another lost 24 hours of progress after falling asleep. Someone else lost a whopping 173 hours of progress after glitching out of a loading screen. Players are still willing to dive into the chaos though. The sales prove that.

Take a look at Diablo IV in action below.

It was recently confirmed that Diablo IV had surpassed the $666 million mark in sales, which is an incredibly apt number for a game with the tagline, ‘Welcome to Hell.’ That was done in five days so assumedly, the actual earnings number is much higher now. As reported by VG247 though, in comparison, it’s estimated that Diablo Immortal made around $525 million in its first year. You can see the stark difference.

Diablo IV is a premium release, while Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile game. The latter hit the headlines last year though due to the in-game microtransactions, which is how that $525 million was generated. One gamer announced online that they’d spent a whopping $100,000 in the game, but later complained about not getting an in-game match after that point. Someone worked out that it would cost around £88,000 to fully upgrade your character.

Some countries blocked the game due to their loot box laws. Upon release, its user score plummeted to the lowest in Metacritic history, so Diablo IV has certainly turned things back around for the franchise - and deservedly so. It's a great game.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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