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Diablo 4 hit $666 million in sales in five days

Diablo 4 hit $666 million in sales in five days

Diablo IV hit a very appropriate sales milestone in just five days.

Diablo IV has had a truly spectacular start. I feel like I see someone playing it every time I refresh my social media feed, and that speaks for itself.

You don’t need to take it from my experience scrolling through Twitter, though. Just one day after the game’s release on 6 June (it was technically out sooner than that if you paid for early access, but let’s just go with it), it was confirmed that Diablo IV is Blizzard’s fastest selling game of all time. That’s honestly wild to me when you consider how big of a hit Overwatch was when that first launched.

Take a look at the trailer for Diablo IV below.

Anyway, obviously, with a lot of sales comes a lot of money, and it’s now been confirmed that Diablo IV surpassed half a billion dollars in revenue in less than a week. In fact, as TweakTown reports, it managed to hit a rather apt $666 million in just five days.

Of course, that figure is sure to have risen even more now that further days have passed, and it’s also worth keeping in mind that that revenue only accounts for full game sales - money from in-game purchases for the title’s various cosmetics wasn’t factored in. That's bound to add up to a lot more moolah overall.

What’s more, it’s been revealed that players have collectively managed to pour 276 million hours into Diablo IV already, which is huge. Since the game released in early access, gamers have taken down 276 billion demons, but have also been killed 316 million times themselves. As of now though, only 163 people have managed to reach the max level in Hardcore mode, so you should give yourself a very big pat on the back if you’re one of them.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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