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'Diablo Immortal' Player Who Spent $100,000 In Game Defends Their Actions

'Diablo Immortal' Player Who Spent $100,000 In Game Defends Their Actions

The now infamous YouTuber who spent $100,000 on 'Diablo Immortal' has something he wants us to know.

YouTuber jtisallbusiness went viral last week, when news of his massive spending spree on Diablo Immortals, which caused him to be effectively locked out of the game, spread across the Internet. It was covered on many message boards, news sites, and other YouTube videos.

It is a reaction on the latter platform, however, that prompted jtisallbusiness himself to break his silence on the whole issue. It seems like he feels he's been misrepresented in a reaction video from the hugely popular YouTuber Asmongold.

Check out the gameplay from the aforementioned MMO in question, Diablo Immortals, released this year on PC.

The first qualm he had with the video was the fact that Asmongold called him a "high school bully," which, fair enough, isn't something you'd want to be called. Another issue he called out, before getting into the meat of Asmongold's video itself, was its thumbnail - which suggests jtisallbusiness has had his account refunded. As he hasn't received a refund from Blizzard, this is simply untrue.

Onto Asmongold's video itself, which we'll share below.

He has a big issue with the accusation, from Asmongold and many other articles, that he's the type of guy who "buys a Lamborghini just to show it off" - not true, jtisallbusiness says, because he drives a Prius, and he doesn't care about showing things off "in that manner."

Apparently, the only reason he spent that amount of money was to be a "top content creator." So, contrary to what many of us assumed, jtisallbusiness went all out to be an entertainer rather than an OP player. He had a lot more to say. Check out his response (to Asmongold's response) below.

We're not sure what you think, but were we too quick to judge? If his purpose really was to create entertaining content, and build a Diablo Immortal community, then maybe we were.

Featured Image Credit: jtisallbusiness via YouTube

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