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'Diablo Immortal' YouTuber Can't Get A Match After Spending $100,000 On Gear

'Diablo Immortal' YouTuber Can't Get A Match After Spending $100,000 On Gear

Diablo Immortal player's plan backfires, as the game effectively blocks him for paying-to-win.

We know the old adage 'money can't buy you friends.' It's a cliché across media; we've all seen the film trope where the guy wins the lottery, buys more land, builds a load of extensions on his house, buys a fast car and flashes his new bling. And, predictably, his neighbors all end up hating and abandoning him.

When this sort of thing occurs in online gaming, however, the abandonment is for a more practical reason than mere jealousy. In games where you can pretty much pay to win, it's just plain unfair. This is what Diablo YouTuber jtisallbusiness recently discovered.

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Diablo Immortal released back in June, and its free-to-play model has been controversial throughout its two month existence. Microtransactions aren't exactly a popular feature in games, especially among players who would rather play games the traditional way - winning by skill, rather than the weight of you wallet.

What's interesting in the case of YouTuber jtisallbusiness, however, is that his loneliness isn't the result of other players abandoning him. The game itself won't let him compete. Diablo Immortal's PVP system will only allow players to compete against fellow players with the same MMR (match-making-rank), and because jtisallbusiness has been winning everything, well, there isn't anyone with the same MMR.

It's a bummer for his clan, OneTimes, who were probably quite excited to use him for Immortal's end of game content. Because the end game requires PVP fights, though, and the game simply won't match jtisallbusiness up against anyone, they'll have to find someone else.

It's no surprise that reactions to this news are far from sympathetic. The top comment on the video in which jtisallbusiness announced this news reads: "Congratulations, you just "won" in a p2w game. Can't complain about that, you got what you paid for." It's hard to disagree.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard, NBC

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