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Diablo 4 streamer loses 173 hours of progress to 'unfair' bug

Diablo 4 streamer loses 173 hours of progress to 'unfair' bug

A Diablo IV streamer has lost 173 hours of progress after his character was killed by an 'unfair' bug.

It’s been a strong start for Diablo IV. Well, in terms of commercial performance that is. Certain players, on the other hand, have been having an absolute nightmare.

In recent days, Diablo IV surpassed $666 million in sales - an apt number for a game with the tagline, ‘Welcome to Hell.’ It’s already Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever and was released to rave reviews. People have been having a turbulent time over on hardcore mode but then again, that’s exactly what you’re asking for when you load hardcore mode up. One player reached level 100, only to lose his character after the server disconnected. Another lost 24 hours of progress after falling asleep midstream. Now, a fellow player has lost 173 hours of progress in the game due to a seemingly ‘unfair’ bug.

Take a look at Diablo IV in action below.

As reported by Dexerto, the 173-hour save in question belonged to streamer Quin69. Like most players, Quin69 had been putting in the hours in order to level up but during a most recent stream, he was slain by what he’s referring to as “the most unfair bug in Diablo IV”. He said, “Bro, I finished the f**king map. This is dogs**t. I finished the f**king keystone. In the loading screen, my character has died.”

If that sentence hasn’t made it clear, Quin69 further clarified that he “died to a loading screen porting to town while in an invulnerability zone,” adding that Blizzard should “Fix your game.” The streamer had reached 100% on the campaign and was on a very impressive level 91, just nine levels away from the coveted 100. The save was exactly 172 hours and 50 minutes, and Quin69 had accumulated 71,087,522 gold.

Blizzard is yet to respond to the incident so we don’t know if they’ll be able to revive the streamer’s character. We hope so though. That’s a harsh loss.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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