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'Deep Rock Galactic' Attracts Non-Toxic Players, Promotes Positivity Say Fans

'Deep Rock Galactic' Attracts Non-Toxic Players, Promotes Positivity Say Fans

2020 shooter 'Deep Rock Galactic' is garnering a reputation as one of the most wholesome online gaming communities out there.

Online gaming isn't known for having a happy and supportive environment. The fact that PlayStation 5 recently removed its Accolades feature (in which players send each other anonymous complements as badges) due to "lack of use" speaks volumes.

However, there is some positive news. A Reddit post has recently commended a co-op shooter from 2020 for its wholesome community, proving that online gaming isn't purely a realm of bleak savagery.

You can check out the trailer for Deep Rock Galactic, the most wholesome of wholesome games, below.

Deep Rock Galactic was released on May 13th 2020, which, if we remember rightly, was one of the most terrifying times we collectively shared as a planet. Almost the whole world was in lockdown, and we had no idea what Covid had in store for us. This might have something to do with its loving community, because there's nothing particularly cuddly or fluffy about the game. Maybe we all just needed a friendly vibe back then.

That being said, Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op game. The Reddit post mentioned above explains that there are elements of the game that make it intrinsically wholesome.

It seems like the game came at just the right time then. We can't think of a better means of escaping the hellish world outside than to join a team, and help each other without any ego. Anything that is achieved is done for the team. Reddit user u/MangDynasty began this discussion, and was very clear about the game's inherent positive vibes.

In his long post, he listed a few reasons why the community never seems to get toxic. As well as the game being "co-operative to the core," he says that its "classes and roles encourage teamwork and expression, not optimization," the "communication is simple, cooperative and positive, and often fully-automated," and that "trolling goes unrewarded."

When you take into account the game's fairness in regards to microtransactions, it sounds like there's a lot of friendliness to find here. So if you're feeling a little on edge or fragile, Deep Rock Galactic is the place to be.

Featured Image Credit: Ghost Ship Games

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