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Free Dead Island 2 download announced, but not for everyone

Free Dead Island 2 download announced, but not for everyone

It's been confirmed that free Dead Island 2-themed DLC is coming to Saints Row (2022) in April.

Saints Row (2022) released to some very mixed reactions, to put it lightly. The reboot of the iconic series launched with a number of bugs and glitches that were impossible to ignore, despite the fact that the world itself is great fun to just vibe in.

In his review, GAMINGbible’s very own James Daly gave the game a seven out of 10, and praised the charming characters and plethora of content on offer. However, he too pointed out the visual bugs, as well as the fact that the game feels bloated at times. He wrote: “While it may not blow players away, it’s an enjoyable open-world title with lots to do. Side characters are charming, there are plenty of funny moments, and it’s a perfect game for simply messing around in.”

Take a look at some Saints Row (2022) gameplay below.

Despite some negative reactions to the game, it doesn’t seem that the devs are willing to give up on it just yet. As reported by The Loadout, it’s now been confirmed that Dead Island 2 crossover DLC is coming to Saints Row (2022) soon, making it a great time to get into it if you haven’t already.

On Dead Island 2’s release date (21 April, if you didn’t know), Saints Row (2022) players can grab a free cosmetics pack which includes some HQ decorations, an emote, new weapon and cosmetics that have been inspired by two Dead Island 2 characters. Admittedly, if you’ve been waiting all this time for Dead Island 2, chances are that you’ll want to get stuck into the actual game on its release date rather than a completely different game for the sake of some cosmetics, but hey.

Saints Row (2022) is getting some way more exciting updates later this year. In May, The Heist and the Hazardous expansion will be added, with a new district, story missions, in-game events and more. Then in July, there’ll be some totally new features to look forward to, before another quality of life update and new district are added in August.

Exciting stuff. Maybe this will be enough to give the game the boost it needs for a comeback? Only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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