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Dead Island 2 is about 20 hours long, says developer

Dead Island 2 is about 20 hours long, says developer

It's been confirmed that Dead Island 2 will take players around 20 hours to complete.

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Dead Island 2, which is due to land on 21 April 2023. The squelchy action zombie RPG from Dambuster Studios was originally scheduled for a 2015 release so to say that the game is long overdue is an understatement.

Dead Island 2 is set to introduce one seriously divisive gameplay feature in the form of weapon degradation. One feature that’s far less controversial though is the fact that you’ll be able to control the game using voice commands via Amazon’s Alexa. I’m not entirely sure how practical that will be but I suppose it’s cool that it’s a possibility. Developers also worked with a diversity council in a bid to portray a well-represented Los Angeles, excluding the presence of zombies obviously. As we approach release, it’s now been revealed how long the game will take to complete.

Check out the latest trailer for Dead Island 2 below.

As reported by WCCFTech, Dead Island 2 will take around 20 hours to complete. Art director Adam Olsson confirmed to the website, “I don't know exactly [but] I think we do have guidance stating that if you take part in some secondary missions and other activities, the whole experience is around 20 hours. That's what we have.” He later clarified that that figure took into account completing some of the game’s side quests, not all, so it’s likely that completionists will take much longer to see all that Dead Island 2 has to offer.

“On top of that, we have the co-op mode, collectibles, and you could always replay Dead Island 2 with a new character if you feel like it,” Olsson added. If you ask me, 20 hours is a refreshing length of time. I adore sinking hours into a game but after discovering that Hogwarts Legacy could take me up to 120 hours to complete, the prospect of something shorter is enticing.

Last year, we had the opportunity to go hands-on with Dead Island 2. GAMINGbible’s Mark wrote, “I got a very Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil 2 Remake vibe from the game’s revelry in its body horror but I suppose when you’re attempting a game this over the top, you have to aim high.” The FLESH system will add realistic dismemberment to the game so it’s certainly not a title to play if you’re of a delicate disposition.

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