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'Saints Row' Publisher Parent Group Share Price Drops After Poor Reviews For Game

'Saints Row' Publisher Parent Group Share Price Drops After Poor Reviews For Game

Many reviews criticised Saints Row for its bugs and glitches, and the share price drop came very shortly after.

When Saints Row’s critic reviews went live on Monday, many of them pointed towards the same issue - bugs. Despite the positive points that GAMINGbible’s James Daly had to make about the title in his review, praising its charming characters and gorgeous in-game world, he also noted that he’d encountered both visual and gameplay-affecting glitches in his time with the game.

Take a look at some gameplay footage from Saints Row below.

“On three separate occasions, I was forced to reload my file due to glitched quests softlocking me. While these moments didn’t cause me to lose significant amounts of time, they were still unwelcome and broke the sense of immersion,” he wrote. “Similarly, visual bugs were just as irritating. My character’s legs and hair would randomly turn translucent or disappear entirely. Then there was a moment in the story where I was in a tense standoff with an enemy whose body randomly elongated, spun around and then reset into a t-pose, completely shattering the tension.”

Following this, as reported by Axios, Embracer Group’s stock prices fell significantly - going down by 7% overnight. Eurogamer writes that this marked a four-month low for the company, which acquired Saints Row’s publisher, Deep Silver, back in 2018. It seems likely that this drop is related to the game’s critical reception - as Axios writes, stock prices fell right after the review embargo lifted.

Saints Row is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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