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'Dark Souls 3' Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving

'Dark Souls 3' Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving

YouTuber ymfah completed Dark Souls III without walking which sounds impossible, but it seems that is not the case.

You’ve heard of the pacifist run, perhaps even the no-damage run. Let me introduce you to the latest instalment of impossible soulslike achievements: the no-movement run.

Whilst most people have got their sights firmly set on Elden Ring, it's not the only FromSoftware title to play host to extreme player experiments. Released in 2016, Dark Souls III is a formidable foe in terms of the difficulty factor. With quick-moving and high-damage yielding enemies galore, you need fast feet to outdo these bosses.

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YouTuber ymfah decided to prove the impossible by completing Dark Souls III with his movement limited to anything but walking. Selecting the quick and agile Thief class, ymfah was able to use the quickstep skill alongside exploits like the ‘TearDrop’ glitch which allows players to bypass killboxes by abusing the Tears of Denial spell.

To prove his dedication to the feat, ymfah actually switched off his left analogue stick - quick-stepping and light-attacking his way to completion, and avoiding optional fights. It goes without saying that ymfah’s playthrough was far from deathless, but he did eventually complete the feat.

“I like challenging myself with interesting ideas,” ymfah said, speaking to Kotaku. “More specifically, I like solving challenges like puzzles. I set a strict goal, I plan ahead using the knowledge of the game, and when I meet an unexpected hurdle, I try to overcome it with new and interesting ideas.”

“I’m also on PC so I used Steam controller settings to disable my left stick,” he continued. “Hardest area, aside from the run in the Profaned Capital, would be Cathedral of the Deep and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.” Well, the fun doesn’t have to stop there as ymfah has his sights set on completing a similar run on Elden Ring next. Of course he does.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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