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Cyberpunk 2077 publisher urges players to change key settings to avoid losing save data forever

Cyberpunk 2077 publisher urges players to change key settings to avoid losing save data forever

Don't lose your saves!

With the ability to cloud save quite literally saving us over the past few years, Cyberpunk 2077 publisher GOG has made an announcement about the future of its platform.

There was once a time where uninstalling a game would mean taking all your saved data with it. Although this was to be expected, it was still annoying when it came to making room in our storage.

Simply deleting a game to make room would see all our progress taken with it but that was luckily solved with the arrival of cloud saves.

Cloud saves would allow us to install and reinstall games without worrying about any lost progress. We could simply reinstall the game and pick up where we left off as long as the cloud data still existed.

However, digital distribution platform GOG, perhaps best known for publishing Cyberpunk 2077, has revealed that it is implementing new data limits when it comes to cloud data.

From 31 August onwards, all GOG games will be limited to 200mb of cloud data. As a result, massive RPG titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur’s Gate 3 will be greatly impacted by this.

To help avoid any tragedies, GOG has advised its user base to delete any unwanted storage ahead of the new feature being rolled out. If not, it will start removing files as early as late August, starting with non-essential files.

It will then move onto older saved games and keep removing until all your saved data equals under 200mb.

“We're reaching out to inform you that your Cloud Saves files that exceed the default allocation limit (200 MB per game) will be deleted after August 31st, 2024. Please review them to avoid the loss of files stored within your Cloud Saves available via GOG GALAXY. Saves stored locally on your computer(s) will not be affected,” reads the official announcement.

Featured Image Credit: CDPR

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