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A Croc HD remaster is finally in development, developer confirms

A Croc HD remaster is finally in development, developer confirms

It's been confirmed that Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is getting a HD remaster by Argonaut founder Jez San.

Oh lawd, the day is finally here. Croc HD is finally in development according to Argonaut founder Jez San. This is quite literally the day I have been waiting for for years, 24 years in fact.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having incredibly fond memories of Croc: The Legend of Gobbos. The instant I hear the music, ah. Sweet, sweet nostalgia. Do you recall the opening scene? The rainbow above Gobbo Valley, the arrival of baby Croc, the kidnapping of Gobbo King Rufus … Just close your eyes and imagine the chime of the crystal orbs, or the crash of the Beany Bird gong. Yeah, I bet all of those memories are flooding back now. Unfortunately, Croc is a game that’s remained a tad out of reach for most fans as the years have gone by but that’s seemingly all about to change.

After Us is an incredible platformer that was released just last month.

Yes, Croc HD is finally in development. It all began when Time Extension published an article on the making of Croc, who they labelled as ‘3D platforming’s unsung hero’, just the other week. The author of the piece, James Batchelor, then shared the piece to Twitter, writing, “Huge thanks to Time Extension for letting me write about one of my favourite games from the PlayStation era - Croc: Legend of the Gobbos! Even bigger thanks to Nic Cusworth for taking the time to speak to me. Now to campaign for a Croc remaster.”

Well, it looks like that campaign is actually needless. Argonaut Software’s founder Jez San replied to the tweet saying, “I have news but it’s a little premature to announce it. A Croc HD has started early development.” There we have it, confirmation.

What’s interesting is that Jez refers to it as Croc HD. Naturally, you’d presume that means a HD remaster. Alternatively it could be a HD remake. Then again, it could also be a new instalment that simply happens to be HD. Either way, I’m so excited at all three of those prospects. Welcome back to the gaming fold Croc.

Featured Image Credit: Fox Interactive

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