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Counter Strike 2 bans account with $1.5 million in skins

Counter Strike 2 bans account with $1.5 million in skins

An infamous CS:GO seller's account has been banned!

The Counter-Strike series is one of the most popular competitive multiplayer shooters in the industry generating massive interest in mainstream Esports tournaments.

Counter-Strike is also a series that garners egregious skins that sell for silly money. For example, back in April this year, a gun skin sold for $400,000 of real money. Yes, somebody really paid that much for a cosmetic weapon skin.

Check out the Counter-Strike 2 trailer below!

However, last month Counter-Strike 2 arrived in September via a free update, similar to how Overwatch 2 was released. Sadly, as a consequence of Counter-Strike 2 being released as a free update, it meant that the original game was wiped from all existence.

Furthermore, the release of Counter-Strike 2 hasn't gone down as well as expected, perhaps at least from the perspective of developer Valve. Fans are reportedly unhappy with the multiplayer maps featured in the game as well as it apparently being plagued with cheaters. This negative response has resulted in some fans review-bombing the game.

One other gamer that is perhaps feeling very unhappy at the moment is the controversial CS:GO, cosmetic skin trader, St4ck after having an account band with an inventory value of a reported $1.5 million. Ouch! Publicly, it’s not known why St4ck has been banned, but some have gossiped on social media that it could be down to unlawful activities.

Dexerto reports that St4ck has been accused of allegedly scamming players out of rare skins such as not paying players once a skin has been acquired, and ignoring the selling player while the skin is sold for ludicrous profits.

In other related news, a CS:GO player kills five players with a single bullet, and at this time, developer and publisher Valve has no intention of bringing the sequel to consoles.

Counter-Strike 2 is available now on PC.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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